• Welcome to Intellectual Boot

    When engineers, developers, and designers act like entrepreneurs, innovation and success follow.

    Intellectual Boot has worked with some of the largest enterprises in the world, helping these enormous entities enter the digital space and unify their vision across web, mobile, desktop, and social networks. When your organization uses multiple agencies to tackle each platform, it’s typically difficult to bridge and unite these separate entities. But when you work with Intellectual Boot, unifying applications across platforms is never an issue.

    Intellectual Boot carefully designs applications from the ground up to ensure they’re completely optimized for their host platforms. We never port an existing interface onto another OS as-is.

    For example, on a multi platform mobile app, our Android and iOS developers will work together alongside the design team to understand which features can (and can’t) be implemented on each platform. Designing the app without a complete understanding of both platforms’ capabilities and limitations would lead to holes in the UI, with features that worked on one platform, but not the other.

    Starting from the design of the user-facing applications, which are tweaked for maximum usability and enterprise productivity, to system architecture design, cloud or dedicated server deployment plans, and finally individual bits of code, everything is customized to suit your needs. We focus extensively on making sure that your product will work smoothly across as many platforms, environments and contexts as possible within the scope of your project.